One of EIS main priorities is building great relationship with all that work within the sports industry. Helping to bring all major players along with grassroots companies all under one roof. EIS specialises in providing the platform for all to have the opportunity to meet and debate the topics within your particular sector. 

Moving forward creating a community of sport specialist working together for all athletes.


Previous Speakers

EIS presented Everything in Soccer, Toronto and Women in Sport , UK in 2019 and had the opportunity to listens to some excellent diverse subject, focusing on our 5 main core themes, Innovation, Education, Stimulation, Gamification and Regulation, EIS was fortunate to have some key major speakers from all sectors within the sport and active leisure industry.

EIS is excited to work with all our previous speakers along with new introductions and build a brighter, more holistic environment in the sporting world.


Media Partners

EIS works closely with a plethora of media companies and brands. With the ever-growing industry EIS is pushing bounties in media and technology we are proud to partner with some great media companies. 


Why Attend

EIS provides an array of opportunities for all associated with the sporting world by attending a EIS event. 

From the strategic networking and allowing yourself/organisation to create relationships with other leading affluent personnel to conference and aspects to learning and hearing key topics associated with you and you having the opportunity to discuss these points with the global experts. 

With statistical breakdown of past events on attendance, speakers, agendas, sponsors and exhibitors a complete breakdown on all events can be provided. 



Everything In Sport provides a global audience, with affluent c-level executives from across the sporting and business world. The opportunity to partner with Everything In Sport enables a branding opportunity to allow you to be seen by your designated targeted audience and enables your objectives to be met with your target audience having the opportunity to network with yourself at your own space within the event. 


With EIS providing leading conferences being held in conjunction with the exhibition all associated with our seen as leading organisations within their field. By showcasing your organisation you are able to achieve relationship builds through networking and generate more opportunities over the events days then can be achieved through other forms of networking. 


EIS also prides itself in helping to create unorthodox thinking in what is seen as traditional exhibiting and can look to tailor a specific marketing objective as well as help create a tailored aspect for you as a partner. 


EIS is always listening to what you say. We appreciate and feedback linked to topics and areas of interest. EIS community is an integral step in the right direction for the industry and all sport sectors. 

All feedback helps us build toward the next event and a better future for sport.