Innovation plays a vital role in sport. Through new ideas, change and renewal, innovation shapes how sport is played, viewed and organized. In other words, innovation affects the role of sport in society.

During the last ten years, sport innovation has started to emerge as a research field of its own. 

The core sub sectors of innovation of sport are: social innovation, technological innovation, commercial innovation, community-based innovation and organizational innovation.

We see all sports across the globe use these and other forms of innovation in association to develop further. More commonly l we see the benefits of these innovations used across the business aspects of sport. 

As EIS look to innovate all audiences we look to discuss all in innovation with leading experts. There will be case studies, presentations, demonstrations on show from the major players, innovators and game changers enhancing the sports industry.



Manchester City has announced a new global partnership with Sony Group Corporation (Sony) which aims to develop new digital fan experiences that will be at the cutting-edge of global sport. 

The Club will conduct a PoC (proof of concept) with Sony, which will leverage Sony’s ground-breaking technologies and City’s global fanbase to develop new forms of digital content.

The aim of this collaboration is to create a global online fan community where fans can interact with the Club and each other within an online ‘metaverse’ which will be a virtual recreation of the Etihad Stadium.

City was named the Most Innovative Sports Team in the world by the Sports Innovation Lab earlier this year and will be Sony’s first sports partner in this space, building on Sony’s successful digital fan experiences in music and the wider entertainment industries.

“At Manchester City we have a strong pedigree of continuously embracing the latest technologies to enhance our operation – with particular focus on exploring ways to engage and entertain our global fanbase,” said Nuria Tarre, Chief Marketing & Fan Experience Officer at City Football Group.

“This partnership with Sony puts City at the development stage of an exciting project that will create immersive digital fan experiences that have never been seen before in football.

“We’re looking forward to launching this collaboration and bringing together Sony’s industry-leading technologies with the global network of Manchester City fans.” 

Toshimoto Mitomo, Officer in Charge of Intellectual Property and Business Incubation Platform at Sony Group Corporation, added: “Through this PoC, Sony will support Manchester City to further increase the value of its content and engagement with its fans around the world.

“Sony aims to create an online fan engagement platform that brings the Club and its global fans closer together, demonstrating our commitment to the sports entertainment business and supporting our partners in seeking new opportunities.”