Womens Edition - Everything in Sports Events



14th – 15th MAY 2024

GBP £299 + VAT

Limited Time Only


Mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable experience on May 14th and 15th 2024, as we invite you to join us at the prestigious Wembley Stadium in London for the Everything in Sport – Women’s Edition conference.

This landmark event promises to be a celebration of the remarkable growth and prominence of women’s sports on the global stage. Over the course of two days, we will delve deep into discussions that highlight the achievements, challenges and future prospects of women in sports.

At the heart of our agenda lies a commitment to bridging the gap between the world of women’s sports and corporate enterprises. As we witness the exponential rise in the popularity and success of female athletes, it is imperative that we provide platforms for collaboration and support to ensure that this momentum continues to flourish.

Throughout the conference, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with influential leaders and decision-makers from both the athletic and business communities. From panel discussions to networking sessions, the event will offer unparalleled opportunities for building meaningful connections and partnerships.

Our mission to use ‘Sport for Social Change’ underscores our belief in the transformative power of sport to drive positive societal impact. By championing diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities within the realm of sports, we aim to inspire meaningful change that extends far beyond the confines of the conference venue.

Come and join us in London as we embark on a journey to empower and elevate women in sports as together, we can build a brighter and more inclusive future for the next generation of athletes and fans.