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8th MARCH 2024




We kicked off our 2024 Global Series of Women’s Edition conferences with a one of a kind hybrid event at the Chase Stadium in Miami. Coinciding with International Women’s Day, this event was a big celebration of the amazing growth and prominence of women’s sports worldwide. As we brought together the worlds of women’s sports and corporate enterprises, it was crucial that we provided platforms for collaboration and support to keep this momentum strong.

Attendees who joined us in person had the chance to connect with influential leaders and decision-makers from the sports and business worlds. From engaging panel discussions to networking opportunities, this event was a fantastic chance to build meaningful connections and partnerships.

As we gathered for our Everything In Sport – Women’s Edition in the heart of Miami, we celebrated the amazing progress made by women in Miami’s sports scene and looked forward to amplifying their voices on a global scale.

Our mission to use ‘Sport for Social Change’ was all about harnessing the power of sports to make a positive impact on society. By promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunities in sports, we worked to inspire real change that goes beyond just this conference.


“I have rarely gained as many insights in as concentrated a program as I did at Everything in Sport, Women’s Edition Miami. The incredible breadth of backgrounds and accomplishments represented by the presenters and panel members was both inspiring and informative. I encourage anyone looking to connect with this fast-growing market, especially brand and agency representatives, to follow Everything in Sport.”

William Graff, Content Acquisition Manager, beIN

“The Everything in Sports Conference, Women’s Edition is a must to attend if you are a current senior executive, or a rising star in the Sports industry. Senior leaders in sports travelled from across the nation, and even internationally to be part of the event. In addition to expanding your network in the field you enlarge your knowledge about what’s going on in other sports leagues and clubs when it comes to latest trends, challenges, innovation, safeguarding, and you get ideas of where opportunities lays ahead.  I would highly recommend securing your seat.”

Vickie Gunnarsson
Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Business Development, Tennis Events