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Norway boasts a vibrant women’s sports community with a diverse range of sporting activities. Women’s sports have a significant presence in the city of Oslo, offering opportunities for female athletes to excel and engage in their favourite sports.

One of the most popular sports for women in Norway is football. The city is home to several women’s soccer clubs, with some competing in the prestigious Toppserien, the highest women’s football league in Norway. These clubs provide a platform for talented female soccer players to showcase their skills.

Handball is another beloved sport in Norway.  Handball is a physically demanding and highly competitive sport, and Norway’s women’s handball team  are the reigning double European champions as well as defending World Champions.

Norway’s passion for the national sport of skiing is well-known, and Oslo residents, both men and women, enjoy cross-country and alpine skiing. Many female athletes from Norway have excelled in skiing, and  Marit Bjørgen became the most decorated Winter Olympian of all time, with a collection of 15 medals to her name.

Ice hockey is another sport that attracts women in Norway. While it may not be as popular as soccer or handball, there are women’s ice hockey teams that compete in various leagues and championships in the city.

Running is a popular activity among women in Oslo, and the city hosts numerous running events, including marathons. Women of all ages and skill levels participate in these events, fostering a sense of community and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Oslo tops the list of the world’s most sustainable cities because of the way it preserve its green spaces – Nearly 50% of Oslo is green. Additionally, the city’s use of mainly renewable energy means it’s on track to achieve almost zero emissions in 2030.

Its population consists of about 700 000 inhabitants out of a total of 5,5 million. Oslo is known as the Tiger City!

The name was first used by Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson who wrote the national anthem. In his poem “Sidste Sang” he describes a fight between a horse and a tiger; the tiger representing the dangerous city and the horse the safe countryside.

Norway is the country which has won the most gold medals and most medals overall  in all the Winter Olympics.

Why do Norwegian girls and boys enjoy participating in sports?

“The Norwegian mentality is that you should give kids a chance to be kids,” said Tor-Arne Hetland, national cross-country ski coach and Olympic gold medalist. “In many countries the parents will drive the kids to training. In Norway it’s often the parents will train together with the kids.”