Womens Edition - Everything in Sports Events



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Get ready for an exciting sporting experience at the Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo for the Everything in Sport – Women’s Edition conference.

This conference pledges to celebrate the phenomenal growth and prominence of women’s sports, not only in Norway and Scandinavia but also globally. Across two dynamic days, we’ll dive into conversations spotlighting the accomplishments, hurdles, and future trajectories for women in sports.

Norway and the broader Scandinavian region have emerged as hotbeds for sports development, with a rise in participation across various ranges of sports. From Norway’s prowess in winter sports to Sweden’s dominance in football, the region’s commitment to athletic growth is clear. Notably, women’s sports in Norway has reached great levels, reflecting the country’s dedication to gender equality and a robust sports culture. Norway serves as a trailblazer in promoting women’s participation in sports, resulting in remarkable achievements across football, handball, skiing, and athletics.

Throughout the conference, attendees will engage with influential leaders and decision-makers from the realms of athletics and business. Through panel dialogues and networking opportunities, the event will facilitate unmatched chances to build meaningful connections and partnerships.

Central to our agenda is a dedication to bridging the divide between women’s sports and corporate entities and as we witness the soaring popularity and triumphs of female athletes, it’s crucial to foster collaborative platforms and support systems to sustain this upward trajectory.

Our mission to ‘Sport for Social Change’ underscores our belief in its power to effect positive societal change and by championing diversity, inclusivity, and equitable opportunities in sports, we aim to inspire transformative shifts for women in sports.