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JUNE 2025

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Montréal, Canada

Everything In Sport – Women’s Edition conference is coming to the illustrious Science Centre located within the vibrant city of Montréal.

Get ready for an incredible experience where you can join us for a high-powered two-day conference where industry and sports leaders from around the world come together. Our Women’s Edition conference is a journey that goes beyond borders, connecting esteemed leaders and decision-makers from both the athletic and business worlds.

At the forefront of our agenda lies the global prominence of women’s sports. Our commitment is to bridge the gap between the world of women’s sports and corporate enterprises, driving collective aspirations through our premier global gatherings. In recent years, we have seen increased interest and investment in women’s sports, highlighting a commitment to recognising and celebrating female achievements.

Montréal’s legacy of women’s involvement in sports remains strong, driven by a supportive community and a dedication to nurturing talent. This makes Montreal a beacon for women in sports in ensuring equitable opportunities for athletes. Montréal is also home to organisations that support women in sports, providing opportunities for training, development and networking with these efforts helping to break down barriers and promote gender equality in the sports world. In recent years, Montréal has seen a growing interest and investment in women’s sports, both at the grassroots level and in professional leagues. This increased attention is a positive step towards recognising and celebrating the achievements of women in sports and ensuring equal opportunities for female athletes.

At our core, we’re driven by the motto ‘Sport for Social Change’ which serves as our guiding light in our overarching mission. We proudly stand as pioneers, nurturing the spirit of sporting passion and harnessing its great potential for driving positive societal change. Together, we aim to tackle pressing issues like promoting diversity, nurturing inclusivity, and championing equal opportunities.